Urban Art and Pop Art | Galerie Kronsbein
Urban Art and Pop Art | Galerie Kronsbein
Urban Art and Pop Art | Galerie Kronsbein

Ein großartiger und leidenschaftlicher Förderer der Kunst Dirk G.Kronsbein ist am 06.10.2021 von uns gegangen. Wir sind in tiefer Trauer einen geliebten Menschen verloren zu haben, brauchen etwas Zeit und werden in Zukunft wieder für Sie da sein.


Artworks by Dolkshopping cart

Exclusive originals and signed artworks by Dolk

About the artist Dolk

Dolk (Norwegian for dagger) (Dolk Lundgren), is the pseudonym for Norway's most recognized graffiti artist.His motives are often pop-cultural references put into a humoristic or critical context. Dolks works can be seen at walls in cities such as Bergen, Berlin, Copenhagen, Barcelona, Oslo, Lisbon, Stockholm, London, Prague and Melbourne. Since 2006 Dolk has stepped into galleries where he has had several exhibitions. 


Dolk was born in Bergen, Norway, in 1979 and started with stencil art in 2003.Dolk has education from mechanic Courses in Bergen, and has studied graphic design in Melbourne. Dolk claims he was inspired by the British street artist Banksy to start with stencil art. Dolk started with stencil art in Bergen in 2003, where several of his works still are visible on the walls in the city. He soon started travelling the world, and in London people have mistaken Dolk's works for being art by Banksy Dolk have made stencil art in cities like Bergen, Berlin, Copenhagen, London, Barcelona, Oslo, Lisboa, Stockholm, Praha and Melbourne. After a while Dolk wanted to take his art into more legal forms, and he has since 2006 participated in exhibitions and art festivals all over the world. In 2008 Dolk and Pøbel created the project "Ghetto Spedalsk" in Lofoten, northern Norway. The goal was to move the urban art form into no mans land by painting 20 stencils on abandoned houses.In 2010 Dolk made three work of art for the opening of Halden prison, the art covers the walls in the exercise yard. Daily mail called the prison "the world's poshest prison, with plus £1m Banksy-style art". In 2010 Dolk and Pøbel was paid by the Norwegian state to put their art up at the main railway station in the Norwegian cities Oslo and Trondheim.In 2011 Dolk held his first separate exhibition in Oslo at the OSL Contemporary gallery where he sold out all 9 canvases for £12500 each.In 2011 Dolk was one of several street artist that got to decorate the walls at the Norwegian School of Economics as part of the project "............CAPITALISM?".Dolk sells his works through the Bergen based website handmadeposters.com, and in 2011 250 copies of the print "Mushroom Girl" was sold out in 40 minutes,and in 2012 he sold the prints "TOY" and "Winner" for over £110000 in less than two minutes.In 2012, Dolkblog.com was established, the unofficial fansite covers news, artwork, information etc. about the artist.

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