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Urban Art and Pop Art | Galerie Kronsbein
Urban Art and Pop Art | Galerie Kronsbein

Ein großartiger und leidenschaftlicher Förderer der Kunst Dirk G.Kronsbein ist am 06.10.2021 von uns gegangen. Wir sind in tiefer Trauer einen geliebten Menschen verloren zu haben, brauchen etwas Zeit und werden in Zukunft wieder für Sie da sein.


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Exclusive originals and signed artworks by Julian Khol

About the artist Julian Khol

Julian Khol, who in his twenties was one of the most sought-after models for Jean Paul Gaultier, Valentino and Armani, is now an internationally sought-after artist. Born in Vienna in 1980, this shooting star of the Austrian art scene produces expressively abstract, large-scale images that are exhibited both at home and abroad. In 2004 Khol began his art education at the University for Applied Arts Vienna, studying under Christian Ludwig Attersee. He left Vienna in 2007 and enrolled at the Art Academy in Düsseldorf, where he completed his degree in 2011 in Herbert Brandl's painting master class. His professor particularly praised his expressive brushstrokes, lines and use of colour. His large-scale landscapes, trees, masks, people and animals captivate with massive eruptive energy, a breathtaking immediacy of expression and an irresistible pull. Khol's intention is to meld the viewer's emotions with the artistic energy that he feels when painting. "The viewer and the image should become one," says Khol. The Viennese 'translator' finds that animals in particular express pre-conceptual or non-conceptual knowledge and insight. 

Kohl subscribes to the American Abstract Expressionism of the 1950s and references the ZERO art movement; images such as Implofusion, Kadenz zu as you say and Indian Summer are bursting with an expressive and dynamic energy.

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