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Exclusive originals and signed artworks by Klaus Neumann

About the artist Klaus Neumann

Klaus Neumann, born on October 20,1971 in Munich, lives and works with his wife and two children in the lovely little village of Krailling just outside of Munich, Germany. 


It was just after graduating from school and doing his training as an advertising technician with renowned Walter Maurer Design company when his enthusiasm for design and colors began. His work experience includes participation in restoring some of BMW’s famous Artcars like the ones designed by Frank Stella and Andy Warhol or the development of new ways of vehicle design and airbrush technology with his mentor Walter Maurer. 


After an internship in Dallas, Texas he began to design his own sports cars and motorcycles with labour-intensive finishes like marble-design or “candy-apple” high gloss paint. Following some years as free-lance designer he specialized on giving numerous Harley Davidson motorcycles an individual look, or designing show trucks and creatively painted Smart “ad-cars” for business customers all over Germany. 

He received numerous prizes such as the “International Master of the Spray Gun” in category custom painting and participated in vernissages or doing graphical illustrations for commercials. 


With founding a family, his focus shifted a bit from art to the “art of economy” and a growing wish for financial security let his artistic work take more and more a back seat. 

He hired as senior executive in a large format digital printing company and was involved in 

many interesting projects such as: the cladding of a subway station in Garching-Hochbrück, the appearance of “BMW Welt” museum and redesign of the Pharmaceutical Exhibition at Deutsches Museum in Munich, the state exhibition "Götterdämmerung" at castle Herrenchiemsee or the unique facade design of the Cologne Zoo, just to name a few. 


His passion for artistic work has very much persisted throughout these years though and has been lived out for 4 years now in the fascination of his latest art project:  


Photography of 2cm-sized scale figures shown in everyday situations and creating the illusion of absolute reality by challenging the laws of perspective with a camera’s object lens. 


The observer may only see a scale world scenario at first glance, but will soon get caught by surprise when realizing there is also a second and full-scale/ real-life dimension to each picture. All the more when real-life animals come into play and will leave the observer asking somewhat cluelessly: “How did he do this?” 


What makes a butterfly not taking-off while a scale-figure is positioned right in front of him? Well, the answer is pretty simple: all it takes is spending some 4-8 hours at the botanical gardens with countless attempts until a butterfly finally would just remain to sit there. 


And just to make sure again: 

None of the pictures has been post-processed on a computer or anyway altered in terms of a photomontage. It all happened exactly as pictured. No strings attached.  


In the picture series "Munich" you will get to know your city from a completely new perspective. Well, better make that two perspectives! 


At the first solo exhibition, displayed in a nostalgic grain mill in his hometown Krailling, his work was highly percepted and the show was a great success. The humorous aspect and positive energy emerged form the pictures make them very popular in private living areas as well as in company spaces or medical offices. 


For the first time Klaus’ work was presented to wider public at 2017 Stroke Art Fair in Munich with great success and reception.

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