- Der Kocherlball ... The Maids’ and Butlers’ Ball (2016)

[The works of this artist are no longer in our program]
size60 x 40 cm
mediumGallery print behind acrylic glass
Suspension frame


This photography shows a typical scene in the English Garden at the annual Maids´ and Butlers´ Ball - so-called Kocherlball - at the Chinese Tower: dancing men and women in traditional costumes in the early morning. Many years ago it was the ball of Maids and Butlers, who came there for dancing before going to work. It is probably one of the most time-consuming works of the series "Munich", because the figures were positioned on the horse blanket of a carriage, waiting for passengers. The challenge for the photographer was setting up the figures in dancing poses on the soft ground and the constantly restless team of horses. Most of the urban art artists - Klaus Neumann is one of them - do not just use the street for their art, but almost everything that concerns urban life, to convey their messages to the viewer.
The Galerie Kronsbein hereby expands these exhibition spaces, which are already regarded as conventional, by opening up the space above the city for urban art.

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