- Die schwarzen Männer vom Eisbach ... The Men in Black (2018)

[The works of this artist are no longer in our program]
size30 x 82 cm
mediumGallery print behind acrylic glass
Suspension frame


Being able to surf in the middle of the city is itself very unusual, but in Munich, surfing in the Eisbach is part of the everyday life. Passing people like to stop for a moment and watch the surfers. And so it is not a big surprise that a spiritual spectator is added to these four surfers in the wetsuits, who are all wait devoutly for the perfect wave. Those, who know the Eisbach, appreciate it as one of the virtues of Munich. It is one of the many and various opportunities that the Bavarian metropolis offers and at the same time it means to be spoiled for choice once more. Looking at the monk for only one moment,will make you realize, apart from his symbolic character for the city Munich, another meaning of his figure: the art of enjoying a break in the hectic everyday life of the big city.
For this perfect photo, hundreds of shots were necessary until the Isar finally appeared in a harmonic, but contrasty way to the black clothes of the five men.

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