- Noch einmal Nachpumpen vorm Spiel ... We need more air (2017)

[The works of this artist are no longer in our program]
size60 x 100 cm
mediumGallery print behind acrylic glass
Suspension frame


On closer examination, the famous facade design of the Allianz Arena looks like a multitude of stacked air cushions. The hard-working janitor thought that it could be a good idea to inflate them, so the famous Bayern München team will not run out of steam during the upcoming home game. However, he still has a lot to do, if he wants to bring all 2760 air cushions in top form till the kick-off. The photo picks out the reverence for human achievement that makes individuals appear small as a central theme. At the same time, the man seems to be put in the foreground to underline his importance.

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