- Pause überm Rathauseck ... Lunch atop a ... well, rail (2017)

[The works of this artist are no longer in our program]
size40 x 71,5 cm
mediumGallery print behind acrylic glass
Suspension frame


The famous photography "Lunch atop a skyscraper", which was taken during the construction of the Rockefeller Center in New York on September 29th in 1932, shows workers sitting on a carrier during their lunch break, made Klaus Neumann doing that photography. The view must have been breathtaking for the workers at the time, but also the six men on this photo enjoy one of the most beautiful views over Munich. Probably it´s no coincidence, that this shot was taken on the viewing platform of the Old Peters in the center of Munich also on September 29th. This work can be seen as a symbol for almost all figurative working urban-art artists: Due to the stylistic positioning of well-known symbols in new contexts, the viewer needs to deal more closely with the artwork, but also to identify himself with it: I have been in Munich, I am part of the city.

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