- Skifahren in den „Münchner Bergen“ ... Skiing in the „Munich Alps“ (2016)

[The works of this artist are no longer in our program]
size100 x 65 cm
mediumGallery print behind acrylic glass
Suspension frame


Perfect, sunny winter weather, three people skiing on a uncrowded ski slope in the Bavarian Alps. But the initial expression is wrong. This photography was not taken in the Bavarian Alps. It originated in the „Leopoldstraße“ near the center of Munich. The ski slope is a part of the sculpture "Walking Man" by Jonathan Borofsky, standing in front of the building of the Munich Reinsurance Company. For this photography, a time-period of more than half a year was necessary because it needed a perfect interplay of trees without leaves, bright sunshine - in addition to the correct angle of incidence - and the typical Bavaria cloud cover in "white and blue". From an art historical point of view, this work literally opens up new perspectives by overemphasizing the successful misuse.

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