Banksy - Rude Copper stamped (2002)

size60 x 40 cm
size incl. frame72 x 57 cm
framed, tagged with red stamp, numbered, COA


The first interesting element to be noticed when understanding Rude Copper is the almost paradoxical idea of an authority figure making an anti-authority statement while in their role of being the very establishment or power structure towards which rebellion is expected. A youth from the punk sub-culture making the devilmay-care and rude gesture could be just as loud and forceful an image, Banksy could even paint it, but to see the anarchist sentiment exhibited by a police officer becomes an artistically novel idea. This juxtaposition, which is typical of Banksy, is further enhanced by the baby face quality of the Copper.

Rude Copper – 2002 – Print – was Banksy’s first official release.
One of a print run of 250, Rude Copper made a record £32,500, against an expected £8,000 to £12,000.

Artist: Banksy
Art form(s): Urban Art
Exhibition(s): BANKSY – KING OF URBAN ART @ MUNICH | Crossover

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