Banksy - Toxic Mary Colourway (Gold & Pink) signed (2004)

size70 x 50 cm
size incl. frame100 x 80 x 6 cm
mediumscreen print on paper
signed, numbered, stamped, COA


In Banksy’s artwork of the Virgin Mary, the viewer is presented with the toxic angle of how influential our parents and cares are on our lives. When feeding the infant the bottle of clearly marked yellow poison, Banksy positions the viewer to feel that the child has no real control at that point in how its life will turn out. During the upbringing of the infant baby the circumstances and situations that surround its early life create the path for adolescence and adulthood, and the person in society that they are regard for. It poses the difficult question are gangsters made or born, do they inherit that ‘bad’ gene from their parents or is it the case of nurture vs. nature.

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