Urban Art and Pop Art | Galerie Kronsbein
Urban Art and Pop Art | Galerie Kronsbein
Urban Art and Pop Art | Galerie Kronsbein

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BANKSY – KING OF URBAN ART @ MUNICH (14.04.2016 - 10.09.2016) shopping cart

About the exhibition

Banksy – King of Urban Art @ Munich 

from April 14, 2016, in the Kronsbein Gallery 


Two policemen smooching, Churchill with a turf Mohican, and over and over again insolent rats – everybody knows Banksy’s pictures. The world’s most successful guerrilla sprayer is, on the other hand, a big unknown. And every headline-grabbing “unmasking” is followed by the big letdown, “It wasn’t him, after all.” And yet everybody is chasing after him. First it was the police, today it is the collectors. That is why it is a special coup for every committed gallerist to be able to present authentic Banksys. 

About 40 works by the King of Urban Art can be seen beginning April 14 in the Kronsbein Gallery. These include “Monkey Queen” with the British queen as chimpanzee, the “Paparazzi Rat,” the well-known hoodie boy with Keith Haring’s barking dog, titled, “Choose Your Weapon.” 


While the first Banksys could have been bought for a few pounds, they have now been commanding six to seven-figure sums at Sotheby’s and Co for some time. The critical and subversive stencils that this modern urban Zorro sprays with blinding speed on walls, the sides of buildings, and bus shelters have influenced innumerable artist. For that reason, fellow artists and colleagues from the Urban Art scene are represented in this significant showing of Banksy in Munich.

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