Urban Art and Pop Art | Galerie Kronsbein
Urban Art and Pop Art | Galerie Kronsbein
Urban Art and Pop Art | Galerie Kronsbein

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Crossover featuring Invader & Russell Young (13.09.2018 - 06.12.2018) shopping cart

About the exhibition

Banksy, Warhol, Invader and Russell Young at Galerie Kronsbein  

Exciting mixture of Pop & Urban Art: Opening of the new exhibition "Crossover"  


The Munich gallery Kronsbein in the heart of Munich has recently attracted a lot of attention in the art scene with numerous exhibitions in the fields of Pop & Urban Art. The exhibitions included works by superstar Banksy, street art icon Bambi, "stick figure"-star STIK, Italian New Pop Art artist Giuseppe Veneziano and French street art star Blek le Rat. The latest exhibition features a successful mixture of well-tried and „new“ art stars. From 13 September, gallery owner Dirk G. Kronsbein and his gallerist Valeri Lalov will present works by Banksy, Warhol and Veneziano and new artists such as Invader and Russell Young. Title: "Crossover".  


"The new exhibition is dedicated to the two focal points of our gallery, Pop & Urban Art, and shows highlights from our collection," says Valeri Lalov. "The artists from our portfolio are represented with their classics. Well-known artists like Blek le Rat or Banksy with Urban Art and Veneziano and Warhol with Pop Art. As different as the individual artists' personalities may be, it is all the more exciting to present their works side by side, together or against each other. Through this refreshing mix, we strive to place works of art in new contexts and thereby create new communication spaces".  

On the one hand, the exhibition shows how related Pop & Urban Art are and, on the other hand, underlines the essential differences. In addition, it shows the enormous range of positions and intentions, even within the individual art movements. Valeri Lalov: "We show rare works of the greatest stars in the range of Pop and Urban Art. For example, our visitors can look forward to unique works by Banksy on canvas, cardboard and paper, as well as expressive works by Blek le Rat, Andy Warhol, Tom Wesselmann, Giuseppe Veneziano and many more".  

The focus is on two artists in particular: "It is important to us to highlight two more protagonists of Pop & Urban Art: Russell Young and Invader. Among experts, their works mark the milestones of art movements. Today they reflect the current success of Pop & Urban Art and appeal to a broad social class. A development that we can follow in the increasing number and variety of visitors in our gallery."  


As part of the „Crossover“ exhibition, Russell Young's work "Marylin Desire" with diamond dust will be presented. The second artist in focus is Invader, who became famous for his small mosaics. He is the cousin of Mr. Brainwash, also a well-known urban artist, who became famous for his documentary film about Banksy "Exit through the gift shop". Lalov: "As part of the exhibition we are showing his unique "Rubik 19 Naughty III", which comes from the series of his Rubikcups: Magic cubes from which he creates his motifs. In our case it is the record cover of the band Naughty by Nature, which is part oft he art work." 

The new works by Banksy, one of today's most popular urban art artists, are a further highlight. The new "Crossover" format features three rare Banksys: "Girl with Balloon" in gold, "Toxic Mary", and "Heavy Weaponary." 


New is also the format "Crossover": "Due to the great interest in Pop and Urban Art in Germany, our collection is far more extensive than it could be presented in a gallery space. This was the reason for us organising quarterly „Crossover“ events instead of half-yearly solo exhibitions.“

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