Urban Art and Pop Art | Galerie Kronsbein
Urban Art and Pop Art | Galerie Kronsbein
Urban Art and Pop Art | Galerie Kronsbein

Ein großartiger und leidenschaftlicher Förderer der Kunst Dirk G.Kronsbein ist am 06.10.2021 von uns gegangen. Wir sind in tiefer Trauer einen geliebten Menschen verloren zu haben, brauchen etwas Zeit und werden in Zukunft wieder für Sie da sein.


Downsizing Bavarian Art / Urban Art Views over Munich: The exhibition venue is the revolving Restaurant 181 in the Olympiaturm, Munich. (28.06.2018 - 15.12.2018) shopping cart

About the exhibition

Galerie Kronsbein is going to exhibit Urban Art in its finest form high above the city of Munich - at the top of the Olympiaturm. This is a place where one can feel truly small compared to the vastness of the urban surroundings, but at the same time proud of one's own and mankind's achievements. Moreover, it is the most suitable place to showcase the many faces of urban art, and to truly apprise the works of Klaus Neumann by letting the viewers experience them. 

Klaus Neumann, born 1971 in Munich, currently lives and works with his wife and two children in Krailling, near Munich. For more than four years, he has been enjoying an increasing public fascination for his latest project: a micro-universe that exits in our own. In photographic staging of miniature figures with a height of not more than 2 centimeters, he shows everyday situations in urban spaces. They emphasize another level of reality and create an illusion of it by challenging the laws of perspective. 


At a first glance, the viewer sees only one scene in a miniature format, but then remains surprised to find that each image contains another life-size dimension. The surprise is likely to be even greater when living animals appear in the images and the viewer wonders in astonishment: How did the artist do it? 

Created in urban space, the images of Klaus Neumann capture moments, testifying once again in this way to the transience of urban art works created on the street, such as those of Banksy, Blek le Rat and others. 

Exciting motives, filled with wit and joie de vivre, also raise deeper social ?questions on topics such as the ambivalence of the urban and the loneliness associated with it, but also the opportunities of the individual in the growing metropolis, dealing with the environment and much more. 


To avoid misunderstandings: none of the shots are photomontages. Each scene is indeed captured as shown; without a double-floor and without Photoshop. 

Based on the picture series Munich, to which there is an illustrated book of the same name, you will get to know the city from a completely new perspective. More precisely, there are even two perspectives. Or more? Visit our exhibition in the Olympia Tower and see for yourself. Let yourself be seduced into purchasing one of these amazing works of art, all of which available at affordable prices.

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