Galerie Kronsbein: Urban Art meets Pop Art

The Galerie Kronsbein is the result of a longstanding passion. In central Munich the successful enterpreneur and patron of the arts, Dirk G. Kronsbein, transformed his private art collection into a professional platform. The gallery, conceived as a meeting place for intense, creative exchange, advanced quickly to become a top destination for modern and contemporary art.

The core theme of open-mindedness, intense communication and the exchange of ideas remains, the focus today lies on pop art and urban art. What used to be street graffiti, or graffiti on subways in big cities like New York, is today cult. Street art has arrived in the art scene. Dirk G. Kronsbein proved yet again his keen sense for the art market and recognized the trend early on: The gallery shows and offers exclusive originals of established street artists like Ben Eine, Nick Walker or the multi-talented Shepard Fairey.

Highlights include works by Bansky, the "King of Urban Art" which are recognized across the world and which command highest prices at auctions. The gallery currently presents the street artist Blek le Rat. He is the pioneer of stencil art and use this technic since 1981.

Despite all the hype with urban art, the gallery remains true to its second pillar: it displays world renowned artists from the pop art scene, among them Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein, Jeff Koons and Tom Wesselmann.

For the Galerie Kronsbein, art is much more than just an investment. Art has to please, inspire and awaken emotions. Art is for all the senses and captures the pulse of the moment, modern, hip and yet with style and elegance – that's what the Galerie Kronsbein stands for.


The Galerie Kronsbein was founded in 2009 by Dirk G. Kronsbein with its original name "ArtConsultMünchen" and has been at the location since 2013, in the center of town. The enterpreneur Dirk G. Kronsbein, founder of ultrafilter international AG and an inspired art patron and collector for decades, realized a life long dream with the gallery and gave his personal passion a professional context.

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