The New Pop Art by Giuseppe Veneziano (PDF)

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Giuseppe Veneziano - MASH-UP

Publisher: Skira & Galerie Kronsbein
Category: Catalogues
Language: three-lingual (Italien-English-German)
Text: Angelo Crespi, Valeri Lalov, Ivan Quaroni
Year: 2017
ISBN: 885723777
Dimensions: 21 x 27 cm
Pages: 192
Color illustrations: 120
b/w illustrations: 30
Price: 30 € incl. 7% VAT

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"If art cannot change the world, it can at least try to reach people’s minds."
Giuseppe Veneziano

Giuseppe Veneziano embarked on this path at the beginning of his artistic career and has been pursuing it ever since in great strides. With the support of Galerie Kronsbein, the artist took his current and first major step across the Alps.

Venezianos exhibition "Mash-Up" in Munich roused the local art scene. The enormous interest, the lively sales of his works and the positive public response are proof that his art - far from critics who scratch the surface - inspires viewers to take a closer look and to reflect on the fact that old masterly methods of representation always retain validity and effectiveness.

One more reason for us at Galerie Kronsbein to conclude the exhibition with an appropriate finissage. In appreciation of Giuseppe Veneziano's art and personality, we have published a monograph in three languages in cooperation with the internationally renowned art publisher Skira. The book is richly illustrated and includes articles by connoisseurs of his art as well as an exclusive article by our gallery owner, Valery Lalov.

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